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  • DS-ⅡM Electric Operating Table

    1.Table frame is made of high strength cast aluminum alloy and stainless steel

    2.Wide sliding range of table top: 350mm, meet the requirement of X-ray C-arm

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  • DS-ⅡElectric Operating Table

    1.The table top surface can be mobiled for C style arm and X-ray

    2.The comprehensive operating table can be applied to general surgical,

    obstetrics, urology,ENT,minimally invasive surgery,endoscopic,chest,

    kidney,neurosurgery ,o

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  • ST-A Mechanical Operating Table

    1,The lifting of the table is drived by oil pump.

    2,The tenderlenburg,lateral tilt left/right,backplate upwa by air cylinder.

    3,The shell of the base is stainless steel.


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  • ST-B Mechanical Operating Table

    ST-B Machine Operating Table may meet the requirements for all operating. The operating table can take X ray C-arms image for whole position.


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  • ST-C Mechanical Operating Table

    PAX-ST-C/D series may meet the various operation requirements,which is designed for operation on head,neck,abdomen,chest, the four limbs and others in general surgery. Using the current latest oil pump for hydraulic elevation.

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